04.aug-06.aug 2016

In English

Welcome to a celebration of the world's finest boats and the most delightful aspects of maritime culture.

With an even greater focus on wooden boats, sea culture and traditional handicrafts the festival shows no sign of veering off course. More and more people come to Risør to experience the town during its busiest weekend, and we wish to welcome you to this unique experience for all boat lovers.

An armada of old and new wooden boats, with or without motors, visits Risør Wooden Boat Festival every year. The atmospheric harbour is surrounded by a bustling exhibition of demonstrations from purveyors of maritime crafts. Kids are catered for in a designated area, and the young ones even get a chance to make their own wooden boat souvenirs. Look out for the street parades and the entertainment from a myriad of stages.

If you have any questions or wish to visit or partake in this year’s festival please don’t hesitate to contact us. For further information contact us on info@trebatfestivalen.no.

For registation of your boat please send us and email, stating: contact name, postal/email addresses and telephone numbers. We ask you to also provide us with the following information about your boat: name of the boat, type of boat (sail/engine-powered), class - if applicable, registration number - if applicable, constructor/builder, year of build, dimensions (length on deck, width, depth – please specify whether in feet or meters), number of crew participating in Risør and, finally a few words about the boat’s history to be shown on the posters we will generate for you.

As a registered boat at the Risør Wooden Boat festival, you have free access to the harbour and its facilities for the whole festival period. Up to four crew members receive a free festival pass for all activities during the festival period.

We look forward to seeing you in Risør this summer.